About a Decade ago Kaj Traders came into the business with an idea of delivering health to the present and the coming generations. We were moved by the fact that Genetically Modified Food(GMO) was creating serious health problems such as cancer. Added to that, our market was flooded with such harmful food products to meet the requirements of the growing population.

At KAJ, we are working continuously to provide a better alternative while keeping the consumers healthy and the environment safe.

To break the cycle of the adulterated food chain and make this world a better place by inspiring everyone to go organic.

We aim to reform farming practices to meet the sustainability criteria while ensuring quality produce.

To make organic a conventional choice and bring fairness to the organic market by providing end-to-end traceability. We aim to deliver quality products and services to our clients at competitive prices.

We are committed to helping not just the consumers but farmers as well. We try to improve the lives of each and every member associated with the KAJ family. We are continuously working on innovative techniques and schemes to make sure our procedures are safe and environment-friendly.

Customer Satisfaction: We truly believe in providing larger masses with the organic produce which are grown with keeping in mind the methods of organic farming . Our producers only use organic fertilizers and keep away from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Support Farmers: We are dedicated to bring upliftment to the farmers involved in the process.

Eco-friendly: We ensure that no harmful substances reach the mother nature while producing and processing products.